The 2018 Hometown Heroes Leif Erikson Awards

We honor the pillars of communities nationwide

We are annually honoring extraordinary individuals who through their lifetime have shown imbedded life traits of selfless acts in serving their communities. 

Criteria for selection

In addition to life traits of selflessness, we also look for individuals that not only possess leadership abilities  but also the four core Viking traits: 

  • Vision
  • Imagination
  • Collaboration
  • Fearlessness 

October 9th

We announce award winners annually on the official Leif Erikson day in honor of the brave Norwegian Viking who discovered America, as we feel that our honorees being honored possess the same core traits. 

Nationwide Award

We search the entire country for the unique individuals we want to honor with the Hometown Heroes Leif Erikson Award. We not only search our own national database, but also actively map to track down the heroes and receive recommendations from the public. 

The Advisory group members

Those we consider for the award possess the same traits as the Advisory Group members that we recruit for local police and government. 

Hometown Heroes Leif Erikson Awards

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