Our 21 day turnarounds achieve


Safety for the children is achieved through our 10-step system and partnership with law-enforcement/ vendors 


A new transformed environment, together with proven long term programs ensures true change.


Stakeholder ROI enables for resources to be invested back into the community and its residents.  

Services we offer

1. Neighborhood turnarounds (turn key)

With a hands-on in the field approach we recruit a local team, set a timeline and implement our 10-step system, which is broken into two phases.:1) Non-Organic (21 field days) 2) Organic phase to ensure sustainability. All results and targets are quantifiable, thoroughly documented and filmed. Vendors on the preferred partner list are used. The National Committee decides on which select projects we do each year. A zero cost option is made available for the the city. Our method is outline in Neighborhood Rescue 101  and feature documentary film.

2. Police training and conferences

We conduct local "Fighting crime in the urban community" conferences for law-enforcement and local government to network, exchange proven solutions and foster collaboration. In addition we train police leadership at key conferences such as the annual National Sheriffs’ Conference and the national annual Preventing Crime in the Black Community conference by the Florida Attorney General. 

3. Workshops for residents

Within the target community turnarounds, we conduct essential workshops for the residents to alter behavior and obtain employment. These sessions utilize the manual; Change your life Change the world. An important part of the training is career guidance, including providing support for the participants to get into the workforce at local companies. The progress and results are measured and documented. 

4. Preferred vendor directory

In our community turnarounds we work in partnership with a select group of preferred service/product providers to reduce crime. As a preferred vendor we are interested in services/products both in the common areas in our efforts to reduce crime, as well as for each individual household in the community we transform. 

5. Manual

The Neighborhood Rescue 101 manual, which teaches you how to turn around your city´s distressed high crime neighborhoods. The proven best practice method outlined in the manual is based on a study of over 1,000 community projects across America. Purchase of the manual directly  gives you the FREE added bonus gifts ($250 value), including the DVD of the multi-award winning feature documentary of the Las Vegas turnaround

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