Neighborhood Rescue of America is now in its third year sponsoring the annual drawing competition for children in 1st to 5th grade in elementary schools in urban communities .  For more information, please check out our feature film and read about it in our manual that is provided complimentary to COP departments nationwide. The educational competition first originated in Las Vegas and due to its great success became a national event open to children throughout America. The competition is in honor of the Norwegian Viking Leif Erikson, who was the first European to discover America (500 years before Christopher Columbus).   The President of the United States recently proclaimed one a day a year as Leif Erikson Day  to honor Leif Erikson and the viking spirit.  To pass on Leif Erikson’s Viking spirit to the children growing up urban communities, the four elements, which also represent the most important Viking traits are to be covered in the drawings of Leif Erikson and his men’s voyage to America;  Imagination, Vision, Collaboration and Fearlessness.   

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:   Children in 1st to 5th grade in elementary schools throughout America.  

WHAT TO DRAW:  The drawing needs to be about Leif Erikson and his men traveling to America. The four key words to be integrated in the drawing is; Imagination, Vision, Collaboration and Fearlessness.  

FORMAT OF DRAWING: The size of work submitted needs to be in regular paper size of (8.5.x 11 inches), drawing needs to be done with crayons. 

DEADLINE: Finale deadline of submission for local drawing competitions is Sunday, December 16th, 2018. The winners of the local competitions will automatically be entered in the National Competition, with announcement of the national winners Friday, December 21st, 2018.

WHERE TO SUBMIT:  Submissions needs to be scanned and emailed to

JURY:  There will be a jury selecting the winning drawings, which will be presented on this page on December 21st. All participants will be contacted by email  with an update of the outcome. 

 OUR LOCAL COMPETITONS: Please see announcements at  our blog for the local drawing competitions, where Crayons are supplied to Neighborhood Rescue of America by the non-profit organization;  No Crayons Left Behind. Please contact us at for Crayons for the local events. 


The drawing competition takes place locally throughout the year. The winners of these local competitions automatically get a chance to compete at the national competition for the grand prizes of gift cards valued at $200, $100 and $50 at Walmart



Winners of the 2nd year competition

School trips sharing info about Leif Erikson and competition


CBS Newscast from the first year of the competiton (now in its third year) before it became national and open for children in all states.  All submissions need to be sent to: